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Key Features of the New Program

  • 65% subsidy from the FCC for monthly recurring costs for site connections and Internet access, as well as upfront installation and fiber construction costs
  • Support for both primary and back-up connections
  • Acceptance of multi-year contracts resulting from competitive bidding
  • FCC Healtcare Connect Fund

Benefits of Participation

  • Pooled purchasing power to lower pricing
  • Established entity with relationships across the region and in D.C. with the FCC and USAC
  • Collectively comply with HCF’s 51% “rurality” requirement
  • Zero administrative load on the Members, addressed instead through SOHCN operations
  • Low administrative costs (not to exceed 7%) to handle:
    • Monthly USAC invoice processing
    • FCC reporting
    • Carrier relations
    • Ombudsman function between Members and Carriers
  • Collective effort will have more impact in expanding broadband across the region