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southern ohio
health care network

A collaborative of rural healthcare providers working to expand access to quality healthcare in the region
initiative highlight
FCC Healthcare Connect Fund

Get your share of the $600 million program


Through the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF), the FCC provides a 65% subsidy for:

  • Site-to site connections
  • Internet access
  • Fiber construction
  • Both primary and back-up connections
  • Equipment directly connected to subsidized connections

SOHCN is authorized by the FCC as a Consortium, leveraging the purchasing power of multiple health systems to achieve good pricing and strong service level agreements

Unlike applying for the HCF on your own, as a SOHCN Member you receive subsidy for some urban locations as well as rural sites.

If both your healthcare organization and specific sites qualify, you get your share of the $600 million program
expanding the reach of sohcn

Original Geographic Scope

  • The SOHCN began as a 34-county project in southeastern Ohio
  • Serving 130+ locations owned by 16 health care providers
  • Saving members more than $2 million per year

extended reach

SOHCN is now authorized to extend membership benefits across:

  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky
collective effort amplifies impact of expanding broadband across the region
the benefits
  • Board-governed non-profit with seats held by members
  • Deep expertise and strong track record in broadband
  • Pooled purchasing power improves types, quality and pricing of services
  • SOHCN’s experienced team conducts competitive bidding, negotiates master services agreements, oversees carrier operations, & performs Federal compliance tasks
  • Low SOHCN management fee, calculated as a percentage of monthly carrier invoice, guarantees net savings of 50+%